Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend in Review | Rugs and Weddings

Geeze, Monday crept up fast!

In honor of Monday, we will do a little weekend in review!


I ended up going into work for a little big to catch up on some paperwork. I really didn't want to but if I went in on Friday that meant that Monday wouldn't be so crazy. After work, I headed to a nearby dog park with Mya to meet up with one of my favorites Amy. After that, I ran some errands which included picking up another rug.

Ta-da! This is the second rug that we have gotten for our living room and we like this one a whole lot better. It just makes the room feel more open and spacious. I will be posting an update soon for our living room (since now I feel like it has all come together).


got a quick workout in and then headed to Spicer, MN for a friend's wedding. Our wedding season is officially over! The one thing that I forgot to do was get a picture with Bill. Come on Ashley. Gah I still can't believe that we didn't get one picture :(

It was a very beautiful wedding and we had a lot of fun!


What a lazy day! Bill and I drove home and watched some football. Dinner was some sloppy joes with salad and mini tator tots.

Perfect way to end the weekend.

Now today is our 1 year wedding anniversary and 7 year dating. I can't believe we have been married for a year already! Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from our big day.

We don't have any plans for tonight really but we do have plans to go out for a nice dinner this weekend. I also got some amazing flowers delivered to my work:

He's a keeper, let me tell you!

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

Welcome back! And nice to see you again Thursday! I am more excited than most for Thursdays since I don't work on Fridays :)

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1. With the 10 mile run last weekend and my preparation for it (laying around relaxing), I ended up not switching over my blog. Hopefully this weekend, I just sit down and DO IT even though we have plans to head up to Fargo for the NDSU football game.

2. If I haven't mentioned it before, both and Bill and I are NDSU alumni. Him 2011 and me 2012.

We have also won the National Championship the last 5 years in a row....#NBD The last couple of years we had Carson Wentz on our team. If you don't know who he is, he is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and has made a name for himself already being a rookie. We also beat Iowa State this year and we beat Kansas State last year, even though we are not in their division (way to go boys!).

ANYWAY, this weekend is a big rival game in Fargo. SDSU vs NDSU. These games are always huge and a lot of people travel to attend these games. The tailgating is also something that Fargo and the Bison are known for. Everyone enjoys themselves and has a good time. We don't plan on going to the game (since the games are always sold out) but will definitely be watching it from one of our favorite sports bars!

3. I feel like I haven't even been home this week since my work sent me to a training in Rochester, MN. It was put on by the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless and they had some pretty good sessions. Its always nice to get out of the office and kinda take a break without having to take your own time off. So I was in the office on Monday, left Tuesday for the conference and returned from the conference Wednesday night. Then today is my Friday, so it is a short and sweet week.

4. We book our trip to Mexico! Although we spent a little more than we were expecting, we are pretty excited to be counting down the days to this place!

It is called the Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun. We are going with one other couple (as of right now) and we are heading there at the end of January for a week. I already have a countdown on my phone and have been browsing Victoria's Secret for some swimwear. Side note: they are getting rid of their swim line so if you didn't know, now you do! Get over there for some great deals! I never used to like their swim wear and the way they fit until I found one last year for our honeymoon. It made me feel incredible. I may or may not be staking out the same one in another color for next year :)

5. With Mexico coming up, that gives me some more motivation to kick my ass in the gym. As you know I have been running but I can honestly say that I miss lifting. Bill asked me why yesterday and I really couldn't answer it. It probably is because I feel it more the next day or I can see the numbers going up from my last lift. I'm guessing it is a mix of both. I just feel more empowered by lifting weights than by running. And I think that's okay.

That is it for now. See you next time!

Have any fun trips planned this winter?

What do you like better, lifting or running?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

1. After much thought, I will be transferring my blog this weekend to a self hosted site with my own domain :) (fingers crossed everything goes well)! So stay tuned for possibly some changes -- all good of course!

2. I mentioned it back on this post but this weekend is the Twin Cities in Action - Medtronic TC 10 Mile Run. I can't believe it is already here! I feel like just yesterday we were signing up to be in the lottery. I talked more about it in the post mentioned about but I am running with two other girls. I have a feeling that they will be faster than me but that is okay. We will be running from Minneapolis to St. Paul and the route looks like it will have some great views. I am really excited to run the race but the only thing is that I haven't been running as much as I was for my Half Marathon. The girl that I ran the Half Marathon with is one of the other girls I am running this race with and she said that she is in the same boat. Hopefully it goes well. Make sure to check back next week for a review of it!

3. We FINALLY got a couch. You guys. We have been waiting since July. I talked about the couch that we ordered (and wanted) in this post. Long story short, we ended up cancelling that order (after going to their corporate office after not having a couch for over 15 weeks) and went with a different couch and company.

We have since updated the rug (and still may change it) but we are really liking it! The night that we went to look for a new couch, we ended up leaving the store that night with this one. It also came with all of the pillows. :) After getting it home we realized that it actually matched our current curtains as well (unintentional score!). Also Mya's bed also fits in well with the gray. Up next is to find some end tables that go with everything. That might actually take longer than getting a couch....lets hope not.

4. We are starting to plan our annual trip to Mexico and I am getting pretty excited about it. I honestly love going and doing NOTHING. I love it even more when there is no wifi and we can all spend some quality time together. Right now there are about 4 of us planning to go and we are planning on getting together this weekend to tackle the details. SO EXCITE!

4. I'll round out today's post with some animal photos from my phone that I have either taken or saved recently!

These two just melt my heart! 

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend in Review | Taking a Step Back

Welcome back! I haven't done a Weekend in Review post in a while so I thought I would go ahead and do one this fine Monday.

With nothing on the books for this last weekend, we took advantage of it. Normally I don't work on Friday's but we had employee appreciation event so I decided to finagle my schedule to make it fit. I was out of there by 11:30am and headed to the gym. That night, we didn't do much but eat some dinner and watch Captain America:Civil War. I really liked the movie although it was quite long. It made me laugh at quite a few points in the movie.

Saturday morning, I headed to they gym to get in a good run and a little lifting. Since my half marathon I haven't been running much. Even with running less, I got in a good 4 miles :) After that, I hit up the grocery store for weekly supplies and headed home. After a while, we headed to South Minneapolis to see Bill's sister and husband and their new puppy Wally.

He is a maltipoo and seriously so adorable. He is only 8-9 weeks old and weighs about 1 pound. We didn't even get to see our dog this little! We ended up sitting outside for a bit and he ran around for some time. After going back into the house, he crashed and wanted nothing to do with us. Puppies need their sleep! After some dinner, we headed home and decided to head out to a local bar. It was pretty fun and after a couple of drinks, we headed back home.

Sunday was a pretty chill day. We went to the dog park for a little bit to let Mya run around and drain some energy.

Then around 4 pm, both Bill and I were starving. We have a coupon book that featured a good Mexican place so we decided to check it out. Well we got there and realized we had been there before but just didn't pay attention to the actual name of it! It was good food and we will definitely be back! After that, we headed to DSW to get Bill some new birthday shoes. Earlier this year, Mya chewed up Bill's favorite shoes so for his (golden) birthday I told him I would buy him a new pair. He ended up going with the same shoe, just a different color. He also ended up getting another version of the shoe in more of a khaki style. I told him they would be perfect for Mexico and he was sold! Then an early bed time to catch up on some sleep lost on Saturday night.

Taking a step back

Why this title? Because everyone needs the reminder to take a step back and reevaluate everything once and a while. 2 summers ago were really hard for us. I am not going to go into details because #privacy but just know that it was hard. And ya know what, I never really dealt with the things that were going on. I know that I just haven't been myself or felt like me but I could never really pin point why. I thought maybe getting back to the gym would help, it didn't. I though getting married would help, but it didn't. Maybe getting a dog would help, but it didn't. I found myself so frustrated with everything. I'm always tired and can never seem to just get out of a slump. Maybe a couple of days here and there but not for a long period of time. If you have ever felt like this, you are not alone. I have talked with people and have found that there are more people out there dealing with something similar that you realize. It is absolutely okay with taking a step back to figure everything out. Especially if a lot of time has passed and you just can't seem to get it together. So here's to taking a step back, getting it together and figuring my ish out.

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

City of Lakes Half Marathon Recap

Gooood morning/afternoon/evening to you all! Today I am going to recap my experience with the City of Lakes Half Marathon. If you are unsure what I am talking about, check out my announcement on running the race here and how I felt about the run the week before here.

One word to describe the experience: HARD.

Besides my knee pain and the bottom of my feet feeling like they were on fire, I think it went really well. I had two goals for this race. To finish in under 2:30:00 and to get an under 12 minute average mile. Well, I accomplished both!

But first, lets talk about the couple of days before hand. On Friday, I went out for a last 4 mile run and it went really well! I had no knee pain and I ran the fastest splits so far this training. It was a great ending to help me feel like I was ready to concur the race. On Saturday, I got all of my stuff ready. I knew which pants I was going to wear and I had decided to wear my old Asics.

For  a little bit of energy during the race, I picked up a Honey Stinger in Gold. Turns out that was a great idea on my part! Saturday night I just couldn't calm my nerves and felt almost nausaus from thinking about it constantly so I had a beer. So worth it. After that I was in bed by 9:30pm and slept until about 2am. From there I tossed and turned every 45ish minutes until it was time to get up. We were out the door by 6:30am to make sure to get a parking spot and get ready!

This sunrise was just beautiful as well. Sign of a good morning coming!


After we arrived, Bill and I waited for the couple that I was running the race with. Now don't read that as us running the same pace but that is crazy! I was definitely the slowest person of us all! At about 7:45am we took our obligatory group photo and we were off!

Grant, Rachel, I

The first few miles went by super quick actually. I got to about mile 6 running a 10:20 mile. You guys, that is super fast for me. I think it had something to do with all of the people that were running around me and the adrenaline.


The above picture is the route of the race. Bill took up his spot at between the 6 and 13th mile. I ended up passing him 4 times which was super awesome. There were quite a few hills during this race as well. The first time around they weren't too bad but the second time around was a lot harder. The thing running through my head the whole time? Little steps, Ash, little steps. I was doing okay until I hit mile 11. At that point, my pace slowed up a lot and I started walking. Since I knew what time it was and how much mileage I had left, I knew that I was allowed to walk a little bit. Mile 11 and 12 were the hardest for me. This was the longest I have ever ran for goodness sake! Once I saw Bill on mile 13, I kicked it into high gear and finished super strong. I would have loved to see how fast I was actually running that last little bit. Bill was also able to get this sweet picture of me during the race.


I believe this was the second time that I saw him so I was still pretty fresh on the running part. :)

I ended up finishing in 2:28:23 with an average 11:26 per mile. I accomplished both the goals that I set for myself and I couldn't be happier with the results. Even if I did walk quite a bit at the end.

After the race, I met up with the other two runners and Bill. We headed to grab our "swag" and chomp down on a banana. I was starving! I actually went from just fine to starving around mile 9. At this point, I took my Honey Stinger and immediately felt better. After getting our "swag" = pint glass and metal, we headed home for me to shower and RELAX. I relaxed all day and was in bed by 8pm. No shame over here.


Overall, I would say that I liked doing this race but will not do it again. I just felt that the atmosphere could have been better, there were barely any spectators and the swag was not that great. I mean come on, we all just ran 13.1 miles!

I am signed up for one more race this fall. I (along with two other friends including Rachel from the photo above) are running the Twin Cities 10 mile run. I am really looking forward to this one as we are running from Minneapolis to St. Paul and I have heard the atmosphere is great. The "swag" is also better ha. 

So there you have it. My take on the City of Lakes Half Marathon. 

Until next time!

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